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Katsumasa CHIYO



It is a cart race debut 2002 and at the age of 15.

It will participate in the audition of NDDP (Nissan Drivers Development Program) in 2006.

The scholarship of Nissan is gained.

Next year, FCJ (Formula Challenge Japan) is entered.

It became the 3rd place of series ranking in 2008.

It will participate in an all Japan F3 championship N class from 2009.

Although the degree of participation-in-the-war first year is late with the 6th place of series, it will shine with a series champion in the 3rd place and 2011 in 2010.

The ability was evaluated, and it aged 2012 and achieved participation in the war as a NDDP driver to Super GT GT300 class which is a major category of a domestic car race.

The 4th place of series is gained with a rookie, and it will participate in the war to Super GT succeedingly also 2013.

Will move the place of a battle to Europe from 2014, and in 2015, If a Japanese first championship is achieved in Bathurst 12 hours of Australia, it shines with a Japanese first series champion in the bran bread durable series most called GT race of a severe battle in Europe, and is shining with the team champion also in Super GT GT300 class of Japan.

Although it participates in Bathurst 12 hours in the war again and has ranked [ of the slim margin ] 2nd, step-up is achieved to the highest peak of a domestic GT car race, and SuperGT GT500 class, and it has become one person of the young driver of attention now in 2017.